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Common Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer, also referred to as renal cell carcinoma (RCC), is among the top 10 cancers found in men. About 40,000 new cases are reported each year, with a majority of them being in men over 40, who fall into the high-risk category. The good news is that there’s a very high survival rate, … Continue reading

What Causes Kidney Stones in St. Petersburg, FL?

Kidney stones are commonly caused by a build-up of salt and minerals, or calcium-oxalate, that are eventually passed through your urine. While kidney stones are usually are a minor problem, they can cause severe pain.
Here are a few of the most common causes of kidney stones: … Continue reading

Kidney Disease Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

Dr. Eric Diner is board certified in Urology and a proctor for da Vinci Surgery. In the video shown below, Dr. Diner performs a robotic partial nephrectomy using the da Vinci Surgical System. This type of procedure is performed in to surgically treat kidney disease, … Continue reading

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