Vasectomy Reversal Success Rates

A vasectomy is considered a permanent form of birth control. However, it is possible to have a vasectomy reversal if you decide you want to be fertile.

What is a Vasectomy Reversal?vasectomy reversal in st. petersburg fl

A vasectomy reversal is an outpatient procedure that involves reconnecting the tubes that were cut during the initial vasectomy. The procedure usually takes around two to four hours and patients are fully recovered within three weeks.

Are Vasectomy Reversals Successful?

In general, vasectomy reversal leads to an overall pregnancy rate of more than 50 percent. The success rates of vasectomy reversals depend on the following things:

  1. The reversal technique that was used.
  2. The experience and skill of the vasectomy reversal doctor.
  3. Vasal fluid quality plays a role in the success rate of a vasectomy reversal. The number can be checked prior to going through with the procedure.
  4. Length of time since vasectomy is the biggest factor when it comes to vasectomy reversal success rate. The chart below explains time intervals and the pregnancy rate associated with a vasectomy reversal:
Years since VasectomyPregnancy Rate
Less than three yearsAround 76%
3-8 yearsAround 53%
9-14 yearsAround 44%
More than 15 years30%

Vasectomy Reversal in St. Petersburg

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