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5 Stars

6 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

A mid afternoon panic call to Dr. Diner's office, no appointment but a definite need. Stumbled into his reception area in high level pain feeling as if I would explode. Within 3 minutes while my wife was completing forms I was called back, sat down and analyzed. My problem was fluid retention, in the bladder resultant from anesthesia used during a neck operation the previous day; over a liter of fluid blocked in my bladder and not happy about it. Immediate insertion of catheter, instant relief.
Dr Diner & his excellent & caring staff took care of me, immediately. No horsing around, just 'come in now' when first called. No waiting in pain, just 'come on back and let's take care of this.' I'm not kidding.
I will not forget them or their caring. From the bottom of my heart, Thanks to Jessica, Stevie, Vince & Dr. Diner
5 Stars

Surgical procedure resulted in EXCELLENT results with the least amount of post-op pain I have ever experienced. Five stars to Dr. Diner.
5 Stars

Extraordinary care, treatment and concern from Dr. Diner and the exceptional pre-op and post-op team at St. Anthony's.
5 Stars

I would highly recommend Dr. Diner to anyone experiencing kidney stones. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and empathetic. He explained in thorough detail my options and treatment plan. The lithotripsy he performed to remove my stones was very successful and I was back to work and feeling great the next day!
5 Stars

I was fortunate enough to transfer to Dr. Diner after I had seen another physician for treatment of kidney stones. The difference between the two physicians was dramatic.

Dr. Diner was incredibly sensitive to my situation, concerned about my care and pain level, and took ample time to explain everything that was happening to me in terms that I could understand. Dr. Diner is professional and polite, on time for my appointments, and sincere in his communications and advice. I highly recommend Dr. Diner... I have complete confidence in him and his team.
5 Stars

I want to thank Dr. Diner for his excellent service to me and my family. He's a fantastic doctor, who was willing to sacrifice for my benefit. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of the services of a urologist.